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Taxis Arganier offers a reliable and professional shuttle service from Casablanca to Marrakech to the airport from your locality, with fixed prices and no hidden costs. We offer you the cheapest taxi to Marrakech airport from Casablanca, which allows you to save up to 10% of the price. The airport transfer service is available for various airports in Morocco. The journey to the airport is done in comfortable cars. Both private and business transport with luxury cars are possible. Book your taxi online in your area!

Casablanca taxis are quite possibly the most expensive in Morocco. Although the minimum fare is not as excessive as that of taxis in other cities, the price per kilometer makes the taxi fare much more expensive. The Casablanca Marrakech taxi does not have distinctive signs as conspicuous as in some other cities. You will only see the availability panel on the roof of the vehicles.

Taxi Arganier offers several transfer options Casablanca Marrakech, nothing better than taking a comfortable and air-conditioned taxi and going directly to the door of your hotel after a long flight in Marrakech. At Taxi Arganier, we understand the need for reliable and personalized transport services. So we only offer the best cars and the best drivers. If you land at Casablanca airport, our company guarantees your safety, comfort and the best prices.

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Transfer from Airport Casablanca

Routes Destination 1 – 3 4 - 7 More 8
Airport Casablanca Casablanca Centre 30€ 40€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Marrakech 100€ 135€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Mohammedia 55€ 70€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Rabat 80€ 90€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Fez 210€ 230€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Chefchaouen 220€ 250€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Tanger 220€ 250€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Ouarzazate 250€ 280€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca El jadida 80€ 90€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Oualidia 130€ 150€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Safi 150€ 170€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Essaouira 150€ 180€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Agadir 200€ 230€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Meknès 180€ 210€ Quote request
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Transfer from Casablanca

Routes Destination 1 – 3 4 - 7 More 8
Casablanca Rabat 80€ 90€ Quote request
Casablanca Marrakech 110€ 130€ Quote request
Casablanca Agadir 230€ 250€ Quote request
Casablanca Essaouira 160€ 180€ Quote request
Casablanca El jadida 80€ 110€ Quote request
Casablanca Oualidia 130€ 150€ Quote request
Casablanca Safi 150€ 170€ Quote request
Casablanca Meknès 180€ 210€ Quote request
Casablanca Fez 210€ 230€ Quote request
Casablanca Chefchaouen 220€ 250€ Quote request
Casablanca Tanger 220€ 250€ Quote request
Casablanca Taghazout 250€ 270€ Quote request
Casablanca Ouarzazate 260€ 290€ Quote request
Casablanca Beni Mellal 120€ 140€ Quote request
Casablanca Mohammedia 50€ 70€ Quote request

Choosing a Taxi at Casablanca Airport

Whether you are coming from Casablanca or Rabat airports, Taxi Arganier offers an extensive fleet of high-end taxis for all types of groups. For groups of 4 people or less, we have a fleet of elegant and equipped sedans, perfect for your trip to Marrakech. We also have a selection of spacious minivans for those traveling in groups of up to 8 people.

Taxi from Casablanca airport to your hotel

The most convenient and safest way to travel from Casablanca or Rabat (CRL) airport is to book an airport taxi with Taxi Arganier. With a Casa Airport Taxi, you are guaranteed to receive 5* service, no matter what time of day or night. You can rest assured that your loved ones and belongings will be safe within our stylish vehicles and you won't be surprised by any hidden fees or extra charges.

Why book with Taxi Arganier

Taxi Arganier stands out from other transfer companies in many ways, but the bottom line is that they offer comprehensive travel packages and fully personalized experiences. As soon as you arrive in Casablanca, you will know that you are in good hands, as our English-speaking drivers are fully qualified and will make you feel at home. We take care of all your belongings and provide you with information from a local's perspective, things to see and do during your stay in Marrakech.

What happens after booking my taxi?

A few moments after booking your Casablanca taxi, you will receive a message on Whatsapp or E-mail clearly indicating the details of your transfer. Before you arrive for your flight to Casablanca, we'll send you another confirmation message with additional information about your driver, such as name, photo and phone number, so you can easily spot them at the airport. For more info phone or Whatsapp:+212-667-158-272

What else can I book with Taxi Aganier?

Booking your Casablanca airport taxi is just the start. Taxi Arganier also allows you to book private or shared experiences in Marrakech at very competitive prices.

When you land in Casablanca, your driver will be waiting for you with your prepaid tickets so you don't waste your time waiting in long queues. At Taxi Arganier, we select our drivers from 5-star suppliers, based on customer feedback, to give you the best experience every time.

Useful info

Route Duration Km
Taxi Casablanca Essaouira
4h25 372.6
Taxi Casablanca Agadir
2h20 228.3
Taxi Casablanca Ouarzazate
6h20 433.5
Taxi Casablanca Marrakech
2h37 243.5
Taxi Casablanca Rabat
1h05 88
Taxi Casablanca Tanger
3h37 339.2
Taxi Casablanca Saidia
6h52 636.9
Taxi Casablanca Merzouga
9h20 660.2
Taxi Casablanca Ourika
2h37 238
Taxi Casablanca Imlil
4h 308.8

Contact Taxi Casablanca Marrakech

You want to contact a taxi today in the city of Casablanca or in its regions. You can contact us to provide more info. You can also contact a taxi connection center in Casablanca.

To move from one city to another quickly and safely from Casablanca, the taxi is the most convenient and fastest means of transport to travel in the city of Casablanca to Marrakech. Taxi service companies in Casablanca offer several types of travel, namely:

* Personal trips to Casablanca,
* Business trips in Casablanca,
* medical trips to Casablanca.

How to take a Taxi Casablanca Marrakech

Casablanca to Marrakech taxis are available for transportation from Casablanca airport to Marrakech or any city, and there are taxi ranks located at major bus and train stations. You can also find them near the most popular public areas of the city. Taxis can also be called to pick you up from your location.

Advantages of booking a Taxi Casablanca in advance

If the mere thought of discovering the local transport network in a foreign city makes you sigh, look no further. Arganier Taxi offers you taxi Casablanca to Marrakech and will ensure that you have the best possible transfer experience and offers benefits such as English-speaking drivers, prepaid flat fee equivalent to a taxi from the line and flexible cancellation options.

Wheelchair accessible taxis in Casablanca

Casablanca is a very wheelchair accessible city. Nearly half of the metro network lines are fully accessible to people with reduced mobility. Buses are also suitable for this purpose and have low floors. However, regular taxis in Casablanca do not have ramps or special seats for wheelchair users. If you want to book a taxi adapted for people with reduced mobility, you can inform us in advance for the route from Casablanca to Marrakech or any other route.

Security and Complaints for Casablanca Marrakech Taxis

Casablanca taxi fares are fixed, but it is not uncommon for taxi drivers to take a longer route for higher fees or use fare 2 during the day. If you think you have been overcharged, write down the taxi number and the driver's unique identification number, ask for your receipt and call the police as soon as possible on 19

Should I tip the driver in Casablanca?

Tipping for the Taxi Casablanca Marrakech is not mandatory, but it is always appreciated. How much you decide to tip is entirely up to you.

Is the Casablanca Marrakech transport network efficient?

With the Casablanca transport network, its 2 metro lines, its trams and its buses, you can go wherever you want without a car. However, booking a Casablanca taxi will allow you to see the city at your leisure.

Are Casablanca Marrakech taxis reliable?

Taxis in Casablanca are very reliable but quite expensive. The drivers are very welcoming and friendly, just like the rest of the population.

Welcome to Arganier Taxi, your Taxi company in Casablanca. Do you need a transport solution in Casablanca and/or beyond over all distances? Or are you looking for the telephone number of a taxi in Casablanca available 24/7? Or do you want to know more about our Casablanca Marrakech taxi prices and fares? Do you want to call, book or order a Casablanca Marrakech taxi in general? Then you've come to the right place, because our company includes all these services and much more.

Book Taxi Casablana Marrakech

To book your taxi in Casablanca, nothing could be simpler! Go to our booking module and indicate your route. First, notify your home or the place where you want to be picked up. Next, enter your destination and, finally, enter the date and time. This way you order your taxi Casablanca Marrakech with driver in a few clicks, quickly and efficiently.
Case of urgent requests
If your request is urgent, then simply contact us by phone. Your driver will pick you up immediately to take you safely to your destination.

Your taxi vehicles in Casablanca Marrakech 24/7

Our goal is to ensure that you travel from Casablanca to Marrakech in the greatest of comforts. Thus, we offer several ranges of vehicles that will adapt to your needs and the number of passengers. We invite you aboard our ergonomic cars for a unique transport experience, in absolute safety. In addition, you will be accompanied throughout your journey from Casablanca to Marrakech by a qualified and trained driver for optimal support. In this way, wherever you are, our company will take you to a multitude of places.

Our Taxi Casablanca services on board for your comfort

Our desire is to offer you the most comfortable Casablanca Marrakech transport service to get you to all destinations. Your smartphone has run out of battery and your trip will last a while? No problem, we offer phone chargers of all kinds. We will welcome you with a vehicle adapted to your number of people. Do you want to travel between Casablanca and Marrakech? With our taxi company you will have at your disposal the best transport solution to cross the city quickly and safely.

A 24/7 & tailor-made Casablanca Transport Service

Our entire team is at your service to take you from Casablanca to Marrakech at any time, whatever your destination. Indeed, we have a fleet of vehicles of any capacity, ranging from 1 to 8 passengers, scattered throughout the greater Casablanca area. Consequently, you can count on our great availability, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, day and night, during school periods, school holidays and even during summer holidays. So, do not hesitate to contact us for your next trip from Casablanca to Marrakech.

Taxi All Distances from Casablanca

A transport for every request

Our transport company in Casablanca Marrakech will be your reference taxi for all your trips. In case you plan to move to Marrakech or any city in Morocco, our company will ensure your requests with precision. Maybe you need a Taxi shuttle with Casablanca Airport or the train station? Then you are in the right place and we will be your trusted Taxi driver in Casablanca Marrakech to take you wherever you want.

Local / national trips

We offer a preferred service for all your shopping and travel Casablanca Marrakech, regardless of the nature of the request. We certainly offer you specific services, according to your particular travel needs in Marrakech and throughout Morocco, but we are also available to drive you, whatever the reason, distance or duration.
You can call on us both for a business trip and to go to an important event. But we also take care of punctual Casablanca Marrakech trips to any address, anywhere in Marrakech. Whether you have to travel fifteen kilometers to get to a friend's house in the middle of the weekend, or want a one-way trip several hundred kilometers away to get to your vacation spot, our driver is able to meet all your needs.

Casablanca Marrakech punctual transport, regular or urgent

We are available 24/7, no exceptions. You can contact us urgently, late at night, weekends and holidays included. We will always be available and happy to help you out, in all circumstances.
We can put ourselves at your disposal for a one-off trip from Casablana to Marrakech, a one-way trip, or for several stages over a whole day. Specialists in the department of Casablanca, we are able to transport you to all local destinations, but also throughout Morocco, from cities like Essaouira, Agadir, Marrakech.
Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about the many services we can provide for you.

Casablanca Marrakech Airport Taxi

Our Casablanca Taxi station is more than just a transport company in the city.
We will provide you with personalized solutions adapted to each of your requests, including for your transfers from Casablanca to Marrakech. In addition, we are ideally located a stone's throw from Casablanca airport.
As a regulated Casablanca transport service, we are permitted to park directly at the gates of the terminal. Thus, we will be your partner for your outward and return trips. For example, we can welcome you at Casablanca airport, then we will drive you, always in comfort, directly to the boarding terminal.

Taxi between Casablanca and Marrakech

If you are visiting the city of Casablanca, we advise you to opt for a comfortable personalized taxi from Casablanca to Marrakech.
Public transport is not necessarily suitable for getting around with your bags as a family. In addition, parking spaces are rare and sometimes even expensive. This is why our taxi company in Casablanca will be able to pick you up from Casablanca, to take you to the beautiful and long beaches of the south.
Your driver will take you to Marrakech, Essaouira, Agadir. In addition, for the return, our private driver, in a high-end & air-conditioned Mercedes or Volkswagen, will take care of your trip whether you are alone, with friends or family.

Driver and vehicle available for your Business meetings

Casablanca has a strong economic activity with more than 10,000 companies and 18 business parks, which makes it very conducive to business.
Whether you are going to the Casablanca business park or any other area dedicated to business in Casablanca, you can count on Taxi Casablanca to ensure your business trips with complete peace of mind.
You can also count on the seriousness, friendliness and great punctuality of all our taxi drivers in Casablanca. They are handpicked for their human qualities, their skills and their great professionalism.
Finally, thanks to our Casablanca Marrakech business taxi service, you travel in prestigious, modern and comfortable vehicles.

Tourism with dedicated driver in the Casablanca region

As real experts on Casablanca and its entire region, our Casablanca taxi drivers know the best places to visit, day and night, as well as the routes to get you around efficiently and quickly.
Thanks to Taxi Casablanca, explore and take full advantage of the many riches and opportunities of Casablanca, but also of Marrakech by consulting our page dedicated to excursions.

VTC Casablanca Marrakesh- Practical Info

Regular vehicle disinfection

Our drivers meticulously clean and disinfect their vehicles, in accordance with the Company's Safety Protocol.

Contactless journey

When booking Taxi Casablanca, you can request with one click not to have any contact with the driver during the transfer. In this case, the driver will not help you carry your luggage or shake your hand.

Disinfectant on board each vehicle

Nous fournissons des désinfectants pour les mains et des lingettes à tous nos voyageurs. Nos chauffeurs ont leur propre désinfectant qu'ils utilisent avant et après chaque trajet.