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Traveling soon, need a Transfer Casablanca Agadir? Are you looking for a vehicle with VTC driver to move from Agadir to Casablanca? Do you want to go to Essaouira, Marrakech or Rabat? Call on Taxi Arganier, your transport specialist. Thanks to our experience and our know-how, we will intervene in all your transport needs during your professional events, tourist stays or private trips. Indeed, we offer solutions adapted to all your needs.

Recognized for our professionalism, we provide you with a wide range of vehicles, namely the Prestige range, the Van range and the Business range. Whatever your budget, we strive to provide you with quality service that meets your expectations. To book your Casablanca Agadir transfer, all you have to do is make an online request!

In order to satisfy you, we provide you with a team of experienced drivers, trained and ready to best meet the expectations of our customers. Indeed, we are committed to providing you with optimal comfort during your travels so that you can prepare for a meeting or make important phone calls without wasting time.

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Transfer from Airport Casablanca

Routes Destination 1 – 3 4 - 7 More 8
Airport Casablanca Casablanca Centre 30€ 40€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Marrakech 100€ 135€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Mohammedia 55€ 70€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Rabat 80€ 90€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Fez 210€ 230€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Chefchaouen 220€ 250€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Tanger 220€ 250€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Ouarzazate 250€ 280€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca El jadida 80€ 90€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Oualidia 130€ 150€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Safi 150€ 170€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Essaouira 150€ 180€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Agadir 200€ 230€ Quote request
Airport Casablanca Meknès 180€ 210€ Quote request
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Transfer from Casablanca

Routes Destination 1 – 3 4 - 7 More 8
Casablanca Rabat 80€ 90€ Quote request
Casablanca Marrakech 110€ 130€ Quote request
Casablanca Agadir 230€ 250€ Quote request
Casablanca Essaouira 160€ 180€ Quote request
Casablanca El jadida 80€ 110€ Quote request
Casablanca Oualidia 130€ 150€ Quote request
Casablanca Safi 150€ 170€ Quote request
Casablanca Meknès 180€ 210€ Quote request
Casablanca Fez 210€ 230€ Quote request
Casablanca Chefchaouen 220€ 250€ Quote request
Casablanca Tanger 220€ 250€ Quote request
Casablanca Taghazout 250€ 270€ Quote request
Casablanca Ouarzazate 260€ 290€ Quote request
Casablanca Beni Mellal 120€ 140€ Quote request
Casablanca Mohammedia 50€ 70€ Quote request

Why call a taxi at Casablanca train station?

By Arganier taxi, you are less dependent on Casablanca traffic and traffic jams, which are frequent in the city. Travel and transfer times are therefore optimized and considerably reduced. So you save time, and you are sure to arrive on time at your meeting place.

How is a taxi ride in Casablanca?

The pick-up takes place near the big clock of the Agadir train station and your hotel. This is our meeting point for a Casablanca trip. Your driver welcomes you and provides you with the essential elements for the comfort and smooth running of the race

What are the travel times from Casablanca train station?

When you book your trip for a taxi trip to Agadir, you have an estimate of your journey time depending on the time and your destination. Perfect for getting organized! Our experienced drivers know the vagaries of the road and are able to deal with unpleasant surprises. Indeed, they make your itinerary more reliable to drop you off without delay.

How to book a Casa Agadir taxi?

To book a taxi in Casablanca or a VTC, when you have to reach another destination or go to Casablanca airport, book your trip by phone or Whatsapp: +212-667-158-272

Transportation Casablanca Agadir

Reach the airports, train stations of Casablanca or the city center due to a driver who will be entirely at your service. In this sense, everything will be put in place while respecting the requirements of our customers. In addition, your Casablanca Agadir reservation will be quick and easy thanks to our online form for immediate departure or in advance.

Choose a VTC Casa Agadir driver for your transfers is the assurance of a quality service. In summary, your Casablanca Agadir shuttle can hold 7 people per vehicle, including luggage. It should be noted that at Taxi Arganier offers a high-end service for all its customers. Note that our drivers will come to welcome you at the address you provide. Besides that, your Private Casablanca driver will transport you with punctuality, discretion and friendliness.

Useful Info

Road Duration Km
Taxi Casablanca Essaouira
4h25 372.6
Taxi Casablanca Agadir
2h20 228.3
Taxi Casablanca Ouarzazate
6h20 433.5
Taxi Casablanca Marrakech
2h37 243.5
Taxi Casablanca Rabat
1h05 88
Taxi Casablanca Tanger
3h37 339.2
Taxi Casablanca Saidia
6h52 636.9
Taxi Casablanca Merzouga
9h20 660.2
Taxi Casablanca Ourika
2h37 238
Taxi Casablanca Imlil
4h 308.8

Taxi Shuttle with Casablanca Airport

Trust an experienced passenger transport company for your Casablanca Agadir transfer.
Our driver provides all your shuttles from or to Casablanca Airport. We will carry out all your Casablanca Agadir transfers but also to all other cities in the region such as Marrakech, Essaouira, Rabat, or others.
* Service available 24/7
* All distances from Casablanca Airport
* From 1 to 8 passengers
* Large trunk for your luggage

You can have full confidence in our Casablanca Agadir taxi services. indeed, our drivers are professional and have a perfect knowledge of the places and traffic routes. Thanks to our privileged access, you can be picked up directly at the terminal.
For all your Casablanca Agadir taxi trips, we have chosen to offer you recent and well-maintained vehicles. This is to guarantee you, in addition to your safety, absolute comfort but above all with a view to offering you a space corresponding to your needs, whether you are alone, as a couple or in a group.
We are passionate about Casablanca Agadir tourist transport and our goal is to make you have a good time, during your Casablanca Agadir journey, for yourself, your family or your loved ones. We have been drivers for many years, the trust you place in us is precious to us. You can count on your Taxi driver to offer you quality service with punctuality, safety and discretion.
Our scope of intervention is wide, this allows us to respond to all your Casablanca Agadir travel requests. Do you have a business meeting and are you arriving at Agadir Airport? Do you have a connection by train? Do you want to visit Casablanca or Agadir? for every need, our solution.
We cover all distances: short local journeys, long journeys throughout the south and even to all destinations in Morocco.
We provide a Casablanca Agadir taxi whatever the reason: personal, family, professional or medical.
Our experience acquired over many years allows us to adapt to all your Casablanca Agadir taxi requests. We will meet all your needs with professionalism and passion.

Our Strengths

Our vehicles are comfortable and air-conditioned to guarantee you a Casablanca Agadir journey in the best conditions and a unique experience because our driver is present to meet your various needs such as carrying luggage and showing you the places crossed if you wish. Our driver is pleasant and friendly but also knows how to be discreet for your peace of mind during your Casablanca Agadir transfer

Like thousands of customers, trust your driver. You will be guaranteed to move from Casablanca to Agadir with a competent, professional, helpful and punctual driver! We put our experience, skills and professionalism at your service! Travel serenely with your Casablanca Agadir taxi!

Do you want to go to Agadir airport? Going to Casablanca airport? at the Marrakech train station? We will meet all your needs with professionalism, listening and adaptation. We will be your partner to transport you from Casablanca to Agadir!

Do you need transport for 1 to 8 people? Do you need to travel in a group of up to 8 people? We have a Casablanca Agadir transport solution with a comfortable and spacious Minibus. For each of your needs, we have the solution.

Your transfers by Taxi Casablanca Agadir

Your Taxi Driver Casablanca ensures your trips to Agadir airport
Our taxi company specializes in Taxi transfers to and from Casablanca Airport. We have accumulated significant experience over many years in managing transfers between this airport. We assure you that you can have complete confidence in our service. Your Taxi Casablanca Agadir driver knows perfectly the access points to and from Casablanca Airport. This will ensure you arrive on time for your flight.

Drop off with your Taxi Casablanca at the airport
You have a flight to catch! we pick you up at your home at the time we have agreed. From our experience, we will let you know the timing to respect so as not to arrive excessively early but not to arrive late either. Your flight will not be waiting for you so we will do what is necessary to ensure that you arrive at the exact time. We have a perfect knowledge of the traffic according to the hours of the day, the days of the week and the time of the year. We also know all the secondary roads that will allow us to arrive on time, regardless of traffic. Your Taxi driver based in Casablanca will be your trusted partner to drop you off at the airport! Need a Taxi to Agadir Airport?

Taxi Casablanca Agadir pick up
Arriving in Casablanca by Taxi from the airport? whatever your starting point, we will be present on site to welcome you with a small sign and accompany you to the vehicle and then to your destination address.
Our knowledge of the access points to the Airport will allow us to park the vehicle as close as possible to the arrival terminal. We also suggest that you meet you at the exit of the terminal in order to carry your suitcases and offer you, for example, a small bottle of water. When travelers arrive, many do not book a Casablanca taxi so you will have to face a long queue to take a Taxi to Agadir. Our booking solution will save you time and add peace of mind to your trip. The Casablanca Agadir journey time will be optimized thanks to our knowledge of the roads, the interior comfort will allow you to relax until the arrival address. The ideal solution to rest and relax by taxi, especially if you have business appointments in Agdir. Your Taxi Casablanca driver will be a partner to pick you up from Casablanca airport! Do you need a Taxi to Agadir from the city airport? we invite you to contact us or by Whatsapp

Good accessibility for Taxis from Casablanca and elsewhere
Mohammed V Casablanca airport has a taxi station allowing you to take a taxi directly to the city center in a minimum of time. We will pick you up at this station or directly at the exit of the terminal, at your request, in order to help you carry your suitcases. We can thus organize a transfer by Taxi Casablanca Agadir for your comfort.

We provide your Casablanca Agadir shuttles

Our Casablanca Agadir taxi company at your disposal, whether you are an individual or a professional, to provide transport to stations and airports. Casablanca Agadir airport taxi, we also take care of your round trips to the stations.

Do you have to go to Casablanca station to take a TGV? Coming to see family in the area and want a taxi to wait for you at the station? Are you going with your family and looking for an 8-seater taxi to drop you and your luggage off at the station? Trust us and call us for a reservation. We welcome you in comfortable and air-conditioned vehicles, for a pleasant Casablanca Agadir journey in complete safety. We provide your transport by taxi Casablanca contracted.

Taxi Casablanca Agadir airport, we take care of all your outward and return journeys concerning an airport in Morocco. To do this, we provide all-distance journeys.
Are you going on vacation and your plane is departing from Casablanca airport or from another airport in Morocco? Ask for a quote to know the price of the race!
Travel safely, in a taxi or a minibus depending on the number of people, because yes, you can even have a Casablanca Agadir taxi for the whole family!
So for an airport shuttle, trust us. Punctuality, experienced drivers, we offer you the best.

Travel accompanied by our experienced drivers, in one of our 5 vehicles equipped with 1 to 8 seats.
Your artisan taxi is the partner for all your Casablanca Agadir journeys and is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day by reservation.
All distances, from one to eight passengers, we offer many advantages. Pets in cages are accepted and we provide repatriation in the event of your vehicle breaking down.
So for any additional information, for a quote or for a reservation, trust us now.

Your solution for all your private and business trips

Arganier Taxi is the partner for all your Casablanca Agadir trips, all distances and all destinations. With its fleet of 10 taxis, your taxi located in Casablanca offers you quality service and the guarantee of safe travel. In addition, our driver is committed to being punctual.
Finally choose the right company! Taxi Casablanca Agadir is your solution for transporting people!

Arganier Taxi is a team of experienced drivers at your service for Casablanca Agadir transfers, shuttles to train stations and airports, or even support for people with reduced mobility, as a contracted taxi.
We have vehicles with a transport capacity of 1 to 8 places, comfortable, reliable, renewed regularly. At your service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, Sundays and public holidays, by reservation for the Casablanca Agadir route.

Arganier Taxi takes care of the transport of seated patients and accompanies them to hospitals or for their medical appointments.
We can even set up regular lines.
Our drivers accompany you for your round trips. We specialize in transporting people.

Do you live in Casablanca and need to get to the train station? Are you going on a trip and looking for an 8-seater taxi to take you to the airport and pick you up on your return? On reservation, Arganier Taxi supports you, user, in order to offer you a transport of people adapted to your needs and your expectations. Simple taxi, minibus, we provide your transport in a suitable vehicle for your Casablanca Agadir transfers.

You can count on your Casablanca Agadir Taxi Driver

You can trust your Taxi Casablanca Agadir for all your transfers to the stations of Casablanca, its region and southern Morocco. This is why, do not hesitate to contact us and book your Casablanca Agadir trip in order to make your trips serenely. Already, many partners have trusted us, why not you!

Pick-up at the station with a Taxi Casablanca Agadir Driver:
Indeed, upon your arrival, your taxi driver in Casablanca awaits you on the station platform with a sign bearing your name. He takes care of your luggage while you settle in. From where he will take you, as usual, to the agreed address. Drop off at the station with your Taxi Driver in Casablanca:
Your driver therefore picks you up at the agreed address and time and drops you off in front of the station. Then he will unload your suitcases so you just have to get on the train.

In addition, with Arganier Taxi, you are certain to pay only the fairest price and without supplement. Indeed, our goal, and which is also yours, is to pay a reasonable price for excellent service. This is why our Casablanca Agadir taxi service is specially accessible to the greatest number and within reach of all budgets. Since for many years we have been offering a premium service and we are proud of the loyalty of our customers!

Your Taxi in Casablanca by Minibus

Exceptional Space and Comfort
Your Taxi Casablanca Agadir Driver offers you a top-of-the-range service with a spacious vehicle and agreed rates. We guarantee you the best quality/price ratio. Responding to your requests and needs is our goal!

Move in a group in a Minibus with a Taxi in Casablanca
We offer you a unique service with a vehicle specially adapted to your Casablanca Agadir trip. Are you in group ? Do you want to travel from or to Casablanca by taxi? Make a short distance or long distance trip such as a transfer to Agadir by Minibus, or a transfer with your driver? Do you want to make a group trip to Agadir from Casablanca? We have the solution to offer you for your group travel.

Travel in a group for less with a Taxi Minibus service in Casablanca
Group travel can bring constraints. You will have to take several vehicles in which you will be tight and with a small trunk which will force you to sometimes even carry things on your knees. In addition, you will also have to pay the tolls several times. It should also be noted that the depreciation of all the vehicles will ultimately cost you much more than using our service. This takes into account gasoline, vehicle maintenance costs, insurance but also the probability of breakdown if you do not maintain your vehicle enough. So if you put all the costs together, several vehicles will cost you much more than using our Taxi transport service in Casablanca with Minibus.

Our prices are clear and transparent, so you will benefit for your Casablanca Agadir taxi:
A well-maintained vehicle
A driver with a smooth and safe ride
A spacious cabin for up to 8 passengers
A neat interior with air conditioning and bottled water
The guarantee of arriving on time on site without having to look for your way

Our Taxi driver in Casablanca has a great experience for having surveyed for many years the roads of Morocco. He will plan your Casablanca Agadir journey with you in advance so that you only have to get on the minibus and get off when you arrive at the agreed place. You will be guaranteed a smooth Casablanca Agadir trip and you will have plenty of time to chat with your friends or partners during the Casablanca Agadir trip without worrying about the road and the direction to take.

The comfort of a Minibus with a Taxi based in Casablanca and any destination
Traveling in a group is an opportunity to share convivial moments with your friends and work partners. The comfortable interior and the services on board will allow you to take advantage of this moment to exchange and discuss during your trip Casablanca Agadir. Which is not possible if you are driving and concentrating on the road. You will be able to take advantage of this moment to meet and discuss as you see fit. The Minibus is a friendly and spacious space. The large trunk will also allow you not to have to carry luggage on your feet, on your knees or next to you. You will be able to move, turn around, chat with other passengers and even with our Taxi driver.
Our Minibus service is a unique service for your group trips from Casablanca to Agadir!
Hundreds of customers satisfied with their trip in our Minibus from Casablanca to Agadir, you will also be conquered

VTC Casablanca Agadir- Infos Pratiques

Open Hours

Casablanca airport is open 24/7. However, if you have a summons provided by your travel agency or a plane ticket, you can wait at the departure terminal.

Financial Services

An exchange office is at your disposal in Casablanca and also stores for your purchases of foreign currencies

Meeting points

It is easy to find yourself near the Casablanca Airport Information counters on the Arrivals level of each terminal.